Ian Hamilton Further Reading - Essay

Further Reading

(Contemporary Literary Criticism)


Carduff, Christofer. Review of A Gift Imprisoned, by Ian Hamilton. New Criterion 17, no. 10 (June 1999): 90.

Asserts that Hamilton's A Gift Imprisoned represents “an important reevaluation of Arnold's poetry.” Carduff praises Hamilton's biography of Arnold as concise, witty, and insightful.

Ford, Mark. “Perishing Genius.” Times Literary Supplement, no. 4648 (1 May 1992): 32.

Offers a mixed assessment of The Faber Book of Soccer, edited by Hamilton.

———. “Unimpressed But Not Unappeased.” Times Literary Supplement, no. 4754 (13 May 1994):...

(The entire section is 494 words.)