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I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings

by Maya Angelou

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Chapter 7: Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. When did Mrs. Henderson marry Mr. Johnson?

2. On what subject would Mrs. Henderson give direct answers?

3. Who was Mrs. Henderson’s last husband?

4. Who was Mrs. Henderson’s second husband?

5. Who was Mrs. Henderson’s first husband?

6. Did Mrs. Henderson think that “whitefolks” could be talked to safely and reasonably?

7. Name one instance of discrimination you see in Chapter 7.

8. Why do you think Mrs. Henderson acted surprised each Sunday when she was called on to lead the singing?

9. How did “the Negroes” react to the judge’s calling Mrs. Henderson by the title “Mrs.”?

10. Where did Mr. Murphy sleep when he came through the last time?

1. Mrs. Henderson married Mr. Johnson around the turn of the century.

2. Mrs. Henderson would give direct answers on the subject of religion.

3. Mrs. Henderson’s last husband was Mr. Murphy.

4. Mrs. Henderson’s second husband was Mr. Henderson.

5. Mrs. Henderson’s first husband was Mr. Johnson.

6. Mrs. Henderson believed that one risked his/her life to talk with “whitefolks.”

7. When the judge called “a Negro woman Mrs.,” everyone was surprised because titles were not given to “the Negroes.” Another evidence of discrimination was not thinking “a Negro” could own a store. The segregated worship services were other examples of discrimination.

8. Mrs. Henderson acted surprised to appear humble, not vain or confident in being called upon to lead the singing.

9. They thought it proved “the worth and majesty of my grandmother.”

10. Mr. Murphy slept on a pallet.

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