I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings Chapter 6: Questions and Answers

Maya Angelou

Chapter 6: Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Who was the presiding elder over the district that included Stamps?

2. How often did the elder visit Marguerite’s church?

3. What was the main reason for Marguerite’s hatred of the preacher?

4. What was the good thing about the elder’s visit?

5. What did Marguerite do instead of going up to the preacher?

6. What happened to Marguerite and Bailey after they laughed in church?

7. What spoiled the breakfast on the mornings the preacher stayed with them?

8. Where did Marguerite and Bailey sit in church when the church elder came?

9. Why was Deuteronomy Marguerite’s favorite book of the Bible?

10. Who was the woman who caused problems in the church service?

1. The Reverend Thomas was the presiding elder over the district that included Stamps.

2. The elder visited Marguerite’s church every three months.

3. Marguerite did not like the preacher because he got the best piece of chicken every time.

4. The good thing about the visit was that he did not come until after supper on Saturday night.

5. Marguerite cried instead of going up to the preacher.

6. Marguerite and Bailey received the whipping of their lives from Uncle Willie.

7. The preacher prayed so long the food became cold.

8. Marguerite and Bailey sat on the front row on the mourner’s bench.

9. Marguerite liked Deuteronomy because she hoped that she could follow all the rules to avoid hell and brimstone.

10. Sister Monroe caused the problems in the church service.