Chapter 36: Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. How does Marguerite feel about the pregnancy in the very beginning?

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2. Who does Marguerite blame for the pregnancy?

3. Who does she inform about the pregnancy?

4. Where is Bailey when Marguerite realizes she is pregnant?

5. Why does Bailey tell Marguerite not to tell her mother about the pregnancy?

6. What does Bailey bring home to Marguerite from South America?

7. How does Marguerite feel about school as she studies during her last year?

8. Where does Vivian go during the sixth month of Marguerite’s pregnancy?

9. Why does Vivian go there?

10. What does Vivian call Marguerite at the end of the book?

1. In the beginning, she thought the pregnancy was a catastrophe.

2. Marguerite blames only herself.

3. She tells Bailey about her pregnancy.

4. Bailey is at sea with the merchant marines when Marguerite told him.

5. Bailey suggests that Marguerite not to tell her mother about the pregnancy because her mother would make her leave school.

6. Bailey brings Marguerite a bracelet, the book Look Homeward, Angel, and dirty jokes.

7. Marguerite finds school to be magic.

8. Vivian goes to Alaska during Marguerite’s sixth month.

9. She goes there to open a night club.

10. Vivian calls Marguerite by the name “Maya” at the end of the book.

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