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I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings

by Maya Angelou

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Chapter 31: Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. What was Dolores doing when Marguerite and her father returned from Mexico?

2. Why did Dolores say she was angry with Bailey, Sr.?

3. How did Marguerite feel about her father after he quarreled with Dolores?

4. Why did Marguerite feel guilty when her father left?

5. Marguerite tried to make up with Dolores. How did she see herself as she went about this task?

6. Why did Marguerite become so enraged at the thought that her mother was a whore?

7. Why did her father not take her to a hospital?

8. Why did Marguerite decide to leave the trailer?

9. What did Marguerite take with her when she ran away?

10. Why did Marguerite not change her mind about leaving?

1. Dolores was making curtains when Marguerite and her father returned from their trip.

2. Dolores said she was angry with Bailey, Sr., because he let his children come between them.

3. Marguerite thought her father was mean for quarreling with Dolores after he had enjoyed his trip and was unable to be kind to the woman who had waited for him.

4. Marguerite felt sorry and guilty because she had enjoyed herself also.

5. As Marguerite tried to make up with Dolores, she saw herself as merciful, good, favorable, Christian, and just.

6. Marguerite becomes furious when Dolores calls Marguerite’s mother a whore. This accusation arouses doubts in Marguerite’s mind. Marguerite became enraged because she could not live with her mother if the charge were true and she desperately wanted to do so.

7. He did not take her to a hospital because of the scandal that would result when others found out that Bailey Johnson’s daughter had been cut by his lady friend.

8. Marguerite decided to leave the trailer because she could not bear the contempt or pity of the occupants of the trailer, because her father and Dolores would be relieved, and because she did not see suicide as an option.

9. Marguerite took tuna sandwiches, Band-Aids, and some money with her when she walked out.

10. Marguerite did not change her mind about leaving because the door to the trailer locked when she closed it.

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