I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings Chapter 21: Questions and Answers
by Maya Angelou

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Chapter 21: Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What kind of shelter did Bailey build in the back yard?

2. What did he do there in the shelter?

3. What roles were assigned to Marguerite?

4. What was the signal that an adult was approaching?

5. The children were prohibited from going to the movies during a certain period each year. When was this time?

6. What actions did Bailey begin to exhibit away from Joyce as their love affair progressed?

7. Who was Bailey’s first love outside the family?

8. How did the community see Joyce, as evidenced by Mrs. Goodman?

9. What happened to Joyce?

10. How did Bailey convince them all that he was sick?

1. Bailey made a tent in the backyard.

2. In the shelter Bailey introduced girls to the mysteries of sex.

3. Marguerite was assigned the roles of lookout and baby.

4. Marguerite would lift the flap, and Bailey would know that an adult was approaching.

5. The children were not allowed to go to a movie during Passover Week.

6. As the love affair progressed, Bailey’s stealing increased.

7. Bailey’s first love was Joyce.

8. Mrs. Goodman said that Joyce was like her mother and was a loose girl.

9. She ran away with a railroad porter.

10. Bailey convinced them that he was sick when he did not fret over the molasses and sulphur.