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I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings

by Maya Angelou

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Chapter 19: Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. Why was the radio in the Store turned up as high as it would go?

2. Where did the children sit during the fight?

3. When would the real festivities in the Store begin?

4. Who came to listen to the fight?

5. Why did the coins lie on top of the cash register during the fight?

6. What type of company sponsored the fight?

7. What were some of the soft drinks sold at the store?

8. Whom did Joe Louis fight?

9. What candies were sold at the Store if the fight were particularly bloody?

10. What title did Joe Louis win?

1. The radio was high so that those on the porch could hear.

2. The children sat on any lap available or on the porch.

3. The real festivities would not begin until after the fight was over.

4. Everyone came to listen to the fight.

5. The coins were kept on top of the cash register until after the fight to prevent the jangle of the cash register from disturbing the fight.

6. A razor blade company sponsored the fight.

7. Some of the soft drinks sold were R.C. Colas, Dr. Peppers, Coca-Colas, and Hire’s root beer.

8. Joe Louis and Camera fought.

9. Peanut patties and Baby Ruths were some of the candies sold.

10. Joe Louis became the Heavyweight Champion of the World.

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