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I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings

by Maya Angelou

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Chapter 18 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. How did the cotton-pickers get to the fields?

2. Why did the workers go to the tent revival even though they were tired?

3. Why did the people not talk and ask questions before the revival?

4. How many people were saved that night?

5. Which denomination was considered “hoity-toity”?

6. Which denomination was considered intellectual?

7. Why did the people look with suspicion on the Church of God in Christ?

8. Why did the Church of God say that they behaved as they did?

9. What advertisement did Texarkana’s largest Negro funeral home give out?

10. What revolutionary thing did the preacher at the tent revival do?

1. The workers got to the fields in a cotton truck.

2. Even though they were tired, the people went to the revival to feed their souls.

3. The people did not talk before the service because they were concerned with “the coming meeting, soul to soul, with God.”

4. Twenty souls were saved during the revival.

5. Marguerite considered the Mount Zion Baptist Church to be hoity-toity.

6. The members of the African Methodist Episcopal and the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Churches were considered intellectuals.

7. The people looked with suspicion on the Church of God in Christ because they were noisy.

8. The people of the Church of God in Christ were noisy because the Bible said to make a joyful noise.

9. Cardboard fans were used for advertising purposes by Texarkana’s largest Negro funeral home.

10. The preacher did something revolutionary when he took in members of other churches.

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