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I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings

by Maya Angelou

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Chapter 17: Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. What day was always different to Marguerite?

2. Why did the farmers stop at the Store on the way to town?

3. How did Uncle Willie try to entertain the children while their parents were inside the Store?

4. What did Bailey play with the older boys while their parents were inside?

5. What did Marguerite have for breakfast on Saturday?

6. How did the children shine Uncle Willie’s shoes?

7. How did Bailey use his allowance?

8. How did Marguerite use her allowance?

9. Why did the store use electric lights on Saturdays?

10. Why was Mother Dear never mentioned to other people?

1. Saturdays were always different to Marguerite.

2. Farmers were always stopping at the store to get change.

3. Uncle Willie tried to entertain the children by giving them bits of peanut patties which had been broken in shipment.

4. Bailey played mumbledypeg with the older boys.

5. Breakfast on Saturdays was usually dry cereal and fresh milk.

6. The children shined Uncle Willie’s shoes with a biscuit.

7. Bailey used his money to go to the movie.

8. Marguerite gave Bailey her dime and he usually brought back Smith and Street cowboy books to her.

9. The electric lights were used so late shoppers could see that the Store was still open.

10. Mother Dear was never mentioned because there was not enough of her to share.

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