I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings Chapter 16: Questions and Answers

Maya Angelou

Chapter 16: Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. How old was Marguerite when she went to work in a white home?

2. Who was Marguerite’s employer?

3. What was the cook’s real name?

4. What did Mrs. Cullinan call the cook?

5. What did it mean when Marguerite said that her lunch was in her mouth a second time?

6. What did Marguerite do that angered her employer?

7. Why did Marguerite break the dishes?

8. Why did Marguerite begin to come to work late and leave early?

9. Why did Marguerite not explain to Bailey what happened?

10. Who helped Marguerite decide what to do about the work situation?

1. Marguerite was 10 when she went to work at Mrs. Cullinan’s.

2. Marguerite’s employer was Mrs. Cullinan.

3. The cook’s real name was Hallelujah.

4. Mrs. Cullinan called Hallelujah by the name Miss Glory.

5. Marguerite meant that she vomited when she said her food was in her mouth a second time.

6. Marguerite angered Mrs. Cullinan by breaking a casserole shaped like a fish and also two green cups.

7. Marguerite broke the dishes so that she would be fired.

8. Marguerite came to work late and left early in hopes that she would be fired; she knew that her grandmother would not let her leave the job for just any reason.

9. Marguerite could not tell Bailey what happened because she burst out laughing each time she tried to tell him.

10. It was Bailey who helped Marguerite plan what to do to get fired.