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I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings

by Maya Angelou

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Chapter 12: Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. Where was Bailey when the rape occurred?

2. Who did Marguerite expect to come in while she was being raped?

3. How old was Marguerite when she was raped?

4. What book or comic strip did Bailey read to Marguerite while she was sick?

5. How did Mother know of the rape?

6. Why did Marguerite want to leave?

7. What was Mother fixing Marguerite for breakfast?

8. Where did Mr. Freeman send Marguerite after he raped her?

9. What did Mr. Freeman say he would do if Marguerite screamed as he raped her?

10. What did Mr. Freeman say he would do if Marguerite told what had happened?

1. Bailey was playing baseball when the rape occurred.

2. Marguerite expected Bailey, her mother or the Green Hornet to come in while the rape was occurring.

3. Marguerite was eight when she was raped.

4. Bailey read the Rover Boys and The Katzenjammer Kids to Marguerite while she was sick.

5. Mother found the stained panties at her feet when Bailey helped to change the bed.

6. Marguerite knew she was dying and she wanted to go away because she did not want to die near Mr. Freeman.

7. Mother was fixing Marguerite some Cream of Wheat.

8. Mr. Freeman sent Marguerite to the library after he raped her.

9. Mr. Freeman said he would kill Marguerite if she screamed.

10. Mr. Freeman said he would kill Bailey if Marguerite told.

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