I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings Chapter 10: Questions and Answers
by Maya Angelou

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Chapter 10: Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Grandmother Baxter is described as being a quadroon or an octoroon. What does this mean in Marguerite’s language?

2. What career did Grandmother Baxter study after coming to St. Louis?

3. From where did Marguerite think the men on the street corners had taken their names?

4. What office did Grandmother Baxter hold which gave her power?

5. What did Marguerite think was the best thing the city had to offer?

6. How did the children do academically after coming to St. Louis?

7. What was Louie’s?

8. How did Marguerite compare the teachers in Stamps with those in St. Louis?

9. What did Mother’s brothers call her?

10. Who was Marguerite’s favorite uncle?

1. Marguerite said that her grandmother was nearly white.

2. Grandmother Baxter studied nursing after coming to St. Louis.

3. Marguerite thought that the men on the streets had gotten their colorful names from Wild West books.

4. Grandmother Baxter was precinct captain; this gave her power.

5. Marguerite thought the best thing the city had to offer was peanuts mixed with jelly beans.

6. Marguerite and Bailey were advanced a grade because they were ahead of their peers, and the teachers did not want the country children to put the others to shame.

7. Louie’s was a long, dark tavern at the end of the bridge near the school; it was owned by two Syrian brothers.

8. Marguerite thought the teachers were more formal than those in Stamps; they didn’t whip the children with switches; they gave them licks on the hands with rulers; they were not as friendly as those in Stamps.

9. Mother’s brothers called her Bibbi.

10. Marguerite’s favorite uncle was Tommy.