I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings Chapter 20: Summary and Analysis

Maya Angelou

Chapter 20: Summary and Analysis

New Characters:
Louise Kendricks: the “prettiest female in Stamps, next to Miss Flowers,” and Marguerite’s first friend

Tommy Valdon: Marguerite’s suitor

Miss Williams: Marguerite’s seventh-grade teacher

Helen Gray: a recipient of a Valentine and a very minor, flat character

At the annual summer picnic fish fry Marguerite makes her first close, girl friend: Louise Kendricks. Marguerite also has her first interest in a boy; Tommy Valdon not only sends Marguerite a love note, but he also sends her a valentine which the teacher (Miss Williams) reads aloud to the whole class. Although Marguerite determines to say something clever to him, she can...

(The entire section is 464 words.)