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Tiberius Claudius Drusus Nero Germanicus

Tiberius Claudius Drusus Nero Germanicus (ti-BIH-ree-uhs KLOH-dee-uhs DREW-suhs NEE-roh jur-MA-nih-kuhs), emperor of Rome after Caligula; a scholarly author of dull, sententious state histories; lame and a stammerer from childhood. His scholarship and stability bring him into favor with Augustus and Livia, who make him a priest of Mars. Having fainted at a bloody public sword fight, he is barred by Livia from public view. Forced by Livia to marry Urgulanilla, he later divorces her to marry Aelia, whom Tiberius orders him still later to divorce. He is afterward forced by Caligula to marry Messalina, though he loves Calpurnia.

Augustus Caesar

Augustus Caesar (oh-GUHS-tuhs SEE-zur), first emperor of Rome. He suffers stomach disorders and dies, possibly poisoned by Livia.


Livia (LIH-vee-uh), his wife, Claudius’ grandmother, a power-mad woman who divorces her boring husband, arranges her marriage to Augustus, and poisons those who interfere with her plans; suspected by Claudius of having poisoned Augustus. She is suspicious of Claudius and Germanicus as plotters against Tiberius, suspected by Claudius of...

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I Claudius is filled with expertly drawn and memorable characters. The two most important ones are Claudius and Livia. At the start of...

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