I Am Malala Chapters 23–24 Summary and Analysis

Malala Yousafzai

Chapters 23–24 Summary and Analysis

Chapter 23

Malala recalls that she regained consciousness on October 16, 2012. Upon waking up, she was shocked to discover that she couldn't write legibly or speak intelligibly. Additionally, painkillers failed to dull her painful headaches, her vision was blurry, and she had no muscle control on the left side of her face. One of the first things Malala worried about was how her family would afford the hospital bill. Meanwhile, the Major General of military operations in Swat confessed to Ziauddin that both Zahid Khan and Malala were targeted by the same group of Taliban members. The confession angered Ziauddin, who believed that the army's compromised objectives allowed terrorists to flourish in the valley.

For her part, Malala was thankful just to be alive; her main goals were to see her parents and to go home. Unfortunately, her parents' flight to Birmingham was delayed because the Interior Minister, Rehman Malik, wanted to be part of the contingent to the Birmingham hospital. Malala remembers that plans for her parents' flight were only finalized when President Zardari became involved in the matter. While waiting to see her parents, Malala watched DVDs and began physical therapy sessions to regain her ability to walk. During this time, her spirits were buoyed by the 8,000 cards and gifts she received from well-wishers around the world. Many cards were from celebrities, politicians, and heads of state.

Chapter 24

Malala remembers the emotional reunion with her family after she was moved out of intensive care. She especially recalls Ziauddin's grief about the loss of her...

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