Characters Discussed

(Great Characters in Literature)


Eddie, a Hollywood casting director. Heavily into drugs and alcohol, upset by the chaos and hypocrisy of the world in which he lives, and unable to maintain relationships with women, he tries to find “clarity” and meaning in his life. Unable to do so, he becomes obsessed with semantics and language, trying to express precisely the swirl of thoughts that go through his mind; this trait drives the other characters to anger and frustration. In spite of being self-centered and foul-mouthed, he demonstrates isolated moments of caring, as in his friendship with Phil. Eddie asserts that Mickey’s death saves him from being another Mickey, although it does not provide him with any answers.


Mickey, Eddie’s roommate, a casting director. Maintaining a mask of convention and reason, he does not allow himself to respond or react to the provocations and needs of the other characters. Smug, noncommittal, and cynical, he observes their actions with bemused detachment and condescension. His moral passivity and inaction mark him as too carefully controlled to be caring; nevertheless, he is full of resentment and animosity, however veiled, toward Phil, who is taking his place in a friendship with Eddie.


Phil, an out-of-work bit actor. Driven by chaotic and violent inner feelings that he cannot understand, he gradually loses the little self-control that he has. His desperate need...

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