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Write a research paper on the construction of the cathedral of Notre Dame. Include descriptions of the architectural designs and how they changed, as well as the effects on the cathedral of the wars that raged around it and the influences of the monarchies. Conclude with the status of the cathedral in the early 2000s.

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Gypsies, or the Roma people, have been persecuted throughout their history. Write a paper about their struggles to exist in Europe, including a description of their background, culture, lifestyle, and music. Since there are various groups of the Roma, chose one particular section, such as the people who live in Hungary, as your focused topic.

Hugo was very much involved in politics. What political causes did he pursued? How did he engage in them in the political arena? What did he have to say about them in his writings, both in fiction and in nonfiction?

Hugo’s play Hernani, ou l’Honneur Castillan was first produced in 1830 and is said to have dramatized the conflict between French classical authors and romantic ones. Read the play, then explain how these two literary philosophies are demonstrated in the play.

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