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What HRM functions must be performed regardless of the organization's size?

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Human resource management functions must be performed by any business that has employees (human resources.) This includes the smallest family-owned and operated corner store to a large multi-national corporation.

Of course, smaller businesses lack large, independent HR departments, but even in these organizations someone has to perform the basic HR tasks. These include interviewing, hiring, and ensuring that the business has all the necessary documents a person needs to work. Even small business owners have to keep up with Social Security numbers, track Social Security contributions, and ensure that prospective employees possess the appropriate legal documentation to work.

Payroll falls under human resource management and, of course, any organization has to keep up with the hours that their employees work to ensure proper compensation. People who are injured on the job, no matter how small, have to report their injuries to their supervisors. Additionally, managing workers' compensation and paid leave is another reality for all business owners.

Human resource management also encompasses training, which must happen in any business. Human resource managers in large businesses are usually specialists, but in smaller businesses their work is just one more thing the business owner has to handle. For this reason, some small businesses contract out some of the work of human resource management to independent payroll companies, staffing agencies, benefits managers, or other specialized companies.

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Generally, the human resources department handles several basic tasks for employees.  One of those tasks is to manage employee information.  The human resources department typically helps employees fills out the necessary paperwork for tax forms, payroll information, and benefits packages.  They also manage this information and keep up with changes in benefits such as insurance, retirement investments, etc.  When an employee experiences a change in their personal lives such as marriage or the birth of a child, they must contact human resources to update their information and benefits package.  The size of the overall company and the number of employees will not effect this basic function of a human resources department.  

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