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(Great Characters in Literature)

Maurice Castle

Maurice Castle, a sixty-two-year-old agent in British intelligence who is leaking governmental information about South Africa to the Communists. Castle’s reason is his gratitude to Carson, a friend who gave Marxism a human face for him by arranging for the escape from prison of Sarah, the black South African Castle later married. Although he is scrupulously careful, Castle suspects that his leaks have been noticed. Nevertheless, Castle conveys to his Russian contact, Boris, information about Uncle Remus, a secret operation of the United States and Britain to protect their shared financial concerns in support of apartheid in South Africa. After Castle’s coworker Arthur Davis dies, Castle realizes that the leak had been traced to his office but the wrong man was killed. He dangerously decides to send one more report when he sees in the notes of the South African representative, Cornelius Muller, the words “final solution,” a chilling reminder of Nazi horrors. Almost at the same time, Castle uses an emergency telephone signal to arrange his escape from England. With British intelligence now suspecting him, Castle travels in disguise to Moscow on the expectation that the KGB will arrange for Sarah and her young son Sam to follow. The British delay their passage, however. Finally, Castle makes telephone contact with Sarah in England, but shortly into their conversation the line goes dead.

Sarah Castle

Sarah Castle, Maurice’s wife. Sarah worked with Castle when he was a field agent in South Africa. She immediately suspects that the death of Davis was the work of the British. When Castle later tells her that he is what most would consider a traitor, Sarah responds, “Who cares?” She reminds Castle that she and he have their own country and that he has never betrayed that. Talking to Castle in Moscow by telephone from England, she urges him to go on hoping that she will be able to join him.

Arthur Davis

Arthur Davis, Castle’s...

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