Huldrych Zwingli Principal Works - Essay

Principal Works

(Literary Criticism (1400-1800))

The Fable of the Ox (verse) 1510

The Labyrinth (verse) 1516

Gebetslied in de Pest [Prayersong in the Plague] (poem) 1519

Archeteles [The Beginning and the End] (essay) 1522

Von Erkeisen und Fryheit der Speysen [Regarding Choice and the Freedom of Food] (essay) 1522

Auslegung der Gründ der Schlussreden [An Exposition of the Articles] (essay) 1523

Lehrbuchlein [On the Education of Youth] (essay) 1523

A Short Christian Introduction (essay) 1523

*The Sixty-Seven Theses (speech) 1523

Von der göttlichen und menchlichen Gerechtigkeit [On Divine and Human Righteousness] (sermon) 1523

Der Hirt [The Shepherd] (sermon) 1524

Ein Antwort, Valentin Compar Gegeben [An Answer to Valentin Compar] (essay) 1525

De vera et falsa religione commentarius [Commentary about the True and False Religion] (essay) 1525

Vom Touf, vom Wiedertouf, und vom Kindertouf [Baptism, Rebaptism, and Infant Baptism] (essay) 1525

Ein klare Unterrichtung vom Nachtmal Christi [A Clear Briefing about the Lord's Supper] (essay) 1526

Plan for a Campaign (essay) 1526

[De Providentia Dei [On Divine Providence] (essay) 1530

Fidei Ratio [Confession of Faith] (essay) 1530

Christianae Fidei Expositio [Explanation of Christian Faith] (essay) 1531

Werke. 4 vols, (essays, verse, sermons, and letters) 1545

Huldreich Zwingli's Werke. 8 vols, (essays, verse, sermons, and letters) 1828–42

Huldreich Zwinglis Sämtliche Werke (essays, verse, sermons, and letters) 1905–

*This work was expanded by Zwingli's followers after his death and was republished in 1536 as The First Helvetic Confession.