Hugh Wynne, Free Quaker Characters
by Silas Weir Mitchell

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Hugh Wynne, Free Quaker Characters

(Great Characters in Literature)

Characters Discussed

Hugh Wynne

Hugh Wynne, a young man in Revolutionary War times who is torn between his father’s Quakerism and more worldly views. The rigors of his father’s religion prove too much, and he leaves the Quakers to become a valiant soldier in the Continental Army fighting for colonial independence. He receives praise from General Washington, wins a captaincy, and after the war marries Darthea Peniston, the girl he loves. A loyal American, he gives up the title to estates in Wales.

John Wynne

John Wynne, Hugh’s father, an orthodox Quaker. Bitter when his son leaves his faith, John tries to disinherit Hugh. He fails, however, because his clouded mind causes him to mistake Hugh for Hugh’s cousin Arthur. The poor man dies insane.

Gainor Wynne

Gainor Wynne, Hugh’s aunt, his father’s sister. She is not a Quaker and surrounds herself with worldly friends, including British officers. She wants her nephew to leave the Quaker faith to take part in the patriot cause to free the American colonies. She befriends Hugh when he is cut off by his father.

Jack Warder

Jack Warder, Hugh’s schoolmate and friend. With Hugh, he becomes a patriot in the American Revolution and serves valiantly in the Continental Army.

Arthur Wynne

Arthur Wynne, Hugh’s cousin. He is a deceitful and cruel young man who is a Tory sympathizer and becomes an officer in the British forces during the American Revolution. On one occasion, he leaves his cousin Hugh to die in a filthy prison. He is Hugh’s unsuccessful rival for the hand of Darthea Peniston. A sly villain, he wheedles the family estate in Wales from Hugh’s hoodwinked father.

Marie Wynne

Marie Wynne, Hugh’s mother, a loving and understanding woman. She dies while Hugh is still a young man.

Darthea Peniston

Darthea Peniston, a childhood sweetheart of Hugh. She is at one time engaged to Arthur, Hugh’s cousin, but she discovers he is a deceitful man and breaks the engagement. Later, she marries Hugh.