Howl Further Reading
by Allen Ginsberg

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Further Reading

(Poetry Criticism)


Caveney, Graham. Screaming with Joy: The Life of Allen Ginsberg. London: Bloomsbury, 1999, 216 p.

Documentary of Ginsberg's life and passions, featuring more than 150 photographs and illustrations.

Tytell, John. Paradise Outlaws: Remembering the Beats. New York: William Morrow and Company, 1999, 226 p.

A first-person, conversational overview of the lives, works, and interactions of the poets of the Beat generation.


McClure, Michael. “Moloch's Poet: A Retrospective Look at Allen Ginsberg's Poetry.” American Poetry Review 11, no. 5 (September-October 1982): 10-18.

A retrospective overview of Ginsberg's poetry, written twenty-five years after his “Howl” became widely available to the public.

Moramarco, Fred. Scratching the Beat Surface. San Francisco: North Point Press, 1982, 175 p.

A collection of critical essays and interviews with Beat generation poets, including Allen Ginsberg.

Portugés, Paul. The Visionary Poetics of Allen Ginsberg. Santa Barbara, Calif.: Ross-Erickson, 1978, 181 p.

A critical study of Ginsberg's poetry.

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