Chapters 3-4 Summary

Aunt Juley steps off the train and asks questions about the location of Howards End. Coincidentally, Charles Wilcox is at the train station. He has just put his father on the same train from which Aunt Juley has gotten off. When Aunt Juley asks a porter about Howards End, he introduces her to Charles Wilcox. Aunt Juley asks if Charles is “the younger Mr. Wilcox or the elder.” Charles thinks she is referring to his father as “the elder,” so he states that he is “the younger.” Aunt Juley mistakenly takes him to be his younger brother, Paul.

Charles offers Aunt Juley a ride to Howards End. In the course of their journey, Aunt Juley cannot stop herself from asking him questions about his relationship with Helen....

(The entire section is 739 words.)