Howard Zinn

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Principal Works

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La Guardia in Congress (history) 1959

SNCC: The New Abolitionists (history) 1964

The Southern Mystique (essays) 1964

Vietnam: The Logic of Withdrawal (essay) 1967

Disobedience and Democracy: Nine Fallacies on Law and Order (essay) 1968

The Politics of History (essay) 1970

Postwar America: 1945-1971 (history) 1973

Justice in Everyday Life: The Way It Really Works [editor] (essays) 1974

Emma (play) 1976

A People's History of the United States (history) 1980; revised as A People's History of the United States: 1492-Present, 1999

Daughter of Venus (play) 1985

Declarations of Independence: Cross-Examining American Ideology (essay) 1990

Failure to Quit: Reflections of an Optimistic Historian (memoir) 1993

You Can't Be Neutral on a Moving Train: A Personal History of Our Times (autobiography) 1994

The Zinn Reader: Writings on Disobedience and Democracy (essays) 1997

The Future of History: Interviews with David Barsamian (interviews) 1999

Marx in Soho: A Play on History (play) 1999

Howard Zinn on History (essays) 2000

Howard Zinn on the Vietnam War and Other Means and Ends (essays) 2000

The Power of Nonviolence: Writings by Advocates of Peace (essays) 2002

Terrorism and War [with Anthony Arnove, editor] (essay) 2002

Artists in Times of War and Other Essays (essays) 2003

Passionate Declarations: Essays on War and Justice (essays) 2003

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