Howard Nemerov Other literary forms

Other literary forms

(Poets and Poetry in America)

Though known primarily for his poetry, Howard Nemerov (NEHM-eh-rawf) wrote novels—The Melodramatists (1949), Federigo: Or, The Power of Love (1954), and The Homecoming Game (1957)—and short stories, collected in A Commodity of Dreams, and Other Stories (1959) and Stories, Fables, and Other Diversions (1971). Two verse dramas, Endor and Cain, are included with his collection The Next Room of the Dream. His criticism and reflections on the making of poetry are to be found in various volumes: Poetry and Fiction: Essays (1963), Reflexions on Poetry and Poetics (1972), Figures of Thought: Speculations on the Meaning of Poetry, and Other Essays (1978), New and Selected Essays (1985), and The Oak in the Acorn: On “Remembrance of Things Past” and on Teaching Proust, Who Will Never Learn (1987). Journal of the Fictive Life (1965) is a series of candid autobiographical meditations.