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How can I write a summary of the provided passage?

International students's influence extends beyond the university academic environment. It is estimated that international students contribute more than $6.5 billion annually to the economy of Canada. International students represent a group of people who have clear advantages over other immigrant groups because they are educated at Canadian universities and colleges and often have a higher proficiency in English than many other immigrants. Students are likely to become more familiar with the country's cultural norms and values and are better accustomed to Canadian ways of living than those who have recently arrived from other countries. Economically, students contribute to organizational development and planning, which translates into commercial ideas and marketable products. Graduate level students who become academics are integral for enhancing research and innovations.

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A summary takes the major points of a given work and restates them in a more concise format. A good summary retains the factual content and point of view of the original while being shorter and easier to read. It can often use meta-discourse to talk about the original text rather than merely paraphrasing.

In this case, the original is poorly organized, listing points rather than making its thesis clear and coherent. It would be best to begin a summary by stating the point that the original text appears to argue for: in this case, that international students are an especially valuable class of potential immigrants. It then gives two types of reasons why such immigrants are valuable. The first is their qualifications, including knowledge of Canadian languages and culture. The second type of reasons are grounded in outcomes, namely that many international students go on to make important contributions to the Canadian economy.

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