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What are the differences between journalistic, persuasive, and discursive writing?

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Journalistic writing can be persuasive or discursive. The term journalistic writing doesn't necessarily refer to a specific type of text so much as a place of publication. Journalistic writing is addressed to the general public and published in magazines, newspapers, and websites. Although it often uses a neutral or impersonal stance, it can sometimes be personal or persuasive.

Persuasive writing refers to texts that try to persuade an audience to act or think in a specific way. Many different types of writing, from political speeches to scholarly books, can be persuasive or argumentative. 

The term discursive essay is used primarily in British academic contexts to refer to an essay that provides a neutral and balanced approach to a topic rather than supporting one side of an argument. It is an approach often used in research paper assignments. It is the equivalent of what North American academics sometimes call an "expository" essay. 

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