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What would be a good thesis statement for a research paper on the refugee crisis?

Quick answer:

A good thesis would examine a specific aspect of refugee crises and make an argument about why it is important. For example, you could focus on a specific crisis like the Syrian refugee crisis. You could use that research to craft a unique argument. For example, say you find that many Syrians face unsafe conditions while trying to reach refugee camps. You could use this information to argue that aid to refugees should account for safe means of travel.

Expert Answers

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This is an interesting assignment! There are many ways you could approach a thesis, but I will provide an overview of the necessary components to help you get started.

First, you should do a bit of research to develop a more focused topic. For example, what aspects of refugee crises do you want to focus on? Do some research on the nature of refugee crises and some examples of specific ones. This research will teach you important information about refugee crises, and will help you narrow down what you want your reader to know.

Next, once you have decided what you are going to focus on you should ask why it is important. For example, say you researched the Syrian refugee crisis and it taught you about the struggles refugees go through while traveling. Why should other people know about this issue?

Once you have a focused topic and a specific reason for why it is important, you are ready to write your thesis. An effective thesis for an argumentative research paper will include both of these elements. For instance, let’s use the example of the Syrian refugee crisis again. A strong thesis might read something like, “The large population of Syrian refugees who have died fleeing their country highlights refugees' needs for more safe means of transportation.” This thesis introduces the reader to the research when you mention specific information about the Syrian refugee crisis. Then this thesis introduces the larger argument, that action needs to be taken to provide refugees with safe means of transport.

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