Macbeth by William Shakespeare Quiz

A quiz on Shakespeare's classic story of Macbeth's downfall.

  1. Macbeth's murder of King Duncan is said to have started a "tide of_____________."

  2. The play Macbeth is set in this country.

  3. Macbeth eventually looses the _____________ of his men.

  4. Who does Macbeth initially murder?

  5. Lady Macduff's _____________seeks vengeance for her murder.

  6. What King does Macbeth serve?

  7. Who pressures Macbeth to commit murder? 

  8. After Macbeth is killed, who is appointed to the throne?

  9. The witches tell Macbeth that the sons of _____________will become rulers of Scotland.

  10. Why do King Duncan's sons flee the country?

  11. Why is Macduff not considered to be born from woman?

  12. To whom does Macbeth go to when he desires to learn about his future?

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