How I Learned to Drive

by Paula Vogel

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Topics for Further Study

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Research some of the songs that Vogel suggests could be used in staging How I Learned to Drive and report on what you think makes them appropriate for using in this play.

Do you think that Li'l Bit and Uncle Peck would have developed a physical relationship if he had not given her driving lessons? Explain what there is about driving lessons that would lead to such intimacy.

At one point in the play, Aunt Mary notes that β€˜β€˜The men who fought in World War II didn't have 'rap sessions' to talk about their feelings.’’ Do you think that Uncle Peck's service in the war led to his becoming a child molester? Study what sort of psychological counseling is available to veterans today.

Compare the role of the traditional Greek chorus to the roles that Vogel assigns to the Greek chorus in this play.

At one point, Vogel implies that Uncle Peck is trying to draw Li'l Bit's cousin Bobby into the same sort of relationship that he has with her. Is it typical for child molesters to have several relationships with children of both sexes? Write about whether Uncle Peck would be typical or the exception to the rule.

From her final speech at the end, do you think that Li'l Bit has come to grips with what happened between her and Uncle Peck, or is she trying to run away from the thought of it?

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