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(Great Characters in Literature)

Esteban Trueba

Esteban Trueba (ehs-TEH-bahn trew-EH-bah), a landowner and conservative politician. His primary qualities are pride and ambition. After the death of his fiancée, Rosa del Valle, Trueba moves to the long-neglected plantation of Tres Marías and transforms it into a model estate. After marrying Rosa’s younger sister Clara, he becomes the father of three legitimate children. In later years, Esteban’s political conservatism and his autocratic behavior cause him to be alienated from his family. He wields power unfairly and cruelly. Only after his own granddaughter becomes a victim of the reactionary regime does Esteban come to understand his errors.

Clara del Valle Trueba

Clara del Valle Trueba, his wife. From her atheistic, liberal father and her suffragist mother, Clara inherits her idealism and her independence. Early in her childhood, her family discovers that she can predict the future and commune with spirits. After marrying Esteban, she works to improve the lot of his tenants, but gradually she becomes almost totally involved with the supernatural. After her death, Clara appears to her granddaughter in prison, inspiring her to survive. She challenges Alba to record the life of the family.

Blanca Trueba de Satigny

Blanca Trueba de Satigny (sa-tihn-yee), their daughter. When she is found to be pregnant by Pedro Tercero García, Blanca is forced by her father to marry a sinister count. Shortly before her daughter Alba is born, she runs away from him and returns home. During the following years, Blanca often sees Pedro secretly, and after the coup she leaves the country with him.

Pedro Tercero García

Pedro Tercero García (tehr-SEH-roh gahr-SEE-ah), one of the Tres Marías peasants. A...

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