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The House on Mango Street

by Sandra Cisneros

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Part V Quiz: Alicia Who Sees Mice, Darius & the Clouds, and And Some More

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Study Questions

1. Why is Alicia so tired?

2. Why is Alicia in school?

3. According to Alicia’s father, where is a woman’s place?

4. Why is Alicia afraid of her father?

5. Why does Darius’s comment impress Esperanza?

6. What can Esperanza “never have too much” of?

7. Who is naming all the clouds in “And Some More”?

8. Why does Esperanza get mad at Rachel and Lucy?

9. According to Esperanza, how many different names for snow do the Eskimos have?

10. According to Lucy, how many different kinds of snow are there? According to Nenny?


1. Alicia is so tired because she has to travel far to school and stay up late to study.

2. Alicia is in school because “she doesn’t want to spend her whole life in a factory or behind a rolling pin.” She wants to have the opportunity to be more than just a housewife or a factory worker.

3. Alicia’s father says a woman’s place is sleeping, so she can get up early “with the tortilla star” to take care of the family.

4. Alicia is afraid of her father because he thinks she should be at home taking care of the family instead of in school studying.

5. Darius’s comment impresses Esperanza because he “made it simple.”

6. Esperanza says she can never have too much sky.

7. Nenny is naming the clouds.

8. Esperanza gets mad at them because they insult her mother.

9. Esperanza says they have 30 different names for snow.

10. Lucy says there are only two different kinds—clean and dirty. Nenny says there are a “million zillion” kinds.

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