Black, white, and orange illustration of Esperanza standing in front of a building or structure

The House on Mango Street

by Sandra Cisneros

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What genre is The House on Mango Street?

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Although the above answer is mostly correct, it would be more appropriate to say that the book is made up of vignettes (pronounced vin-yets, the g is silent).

Vignettes are different from short stories in that the they are not complete, do not have a clear begining, middle, and end, fully developed characters, a plot, etc... They are better viewed as snapshots, or word pictures, that capture a particular subject, person, or memory. Esperanza gives us a big picture of her life by providing these smaller snapshots. They together form a cohesive whole.

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hmm...I'm not entirely sure what you mean by what type of book, but it's a fiction book of short stories, that first appeared in 1983. There are 44 short stories that evoke the circumstances and conditions of a Hispanic American ghetto in Chicago. The narrative is seen through the eyes of Esperanza Cordero, an adolescent girl coming of age.

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