Black, white, and orange illustration of Esperanza standing in front of a building or structure

The House on Mango Street

by Sandra Cisneros

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The Family of Little Feet Summary

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There is a family in which everyone is small and has little, fat feet. The mother gives a bag of old shoes to Esperanza and her friends. They try the shoes on, and Rachel is particularly skilled at walking in the high heels. Mr. Benny, the corner grocer, says it is dangerous for young girls to wear shoes like this and tells them to take the shoes off, but they run away. A bum on the street says that Rachel is “prettier than a yellow taxicab” and offers to give her a dollar if she kisses him, and they run from him as well. Lucy hides the shoes under a basket on her back porch, and later, her mother throws them away, but the girls do not care.

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