The House on Mango Street Part X: Four Skinny Trees and No Speak English

Sandra Cisneros

Part X: Four Skinny Trees and No Speak English

New Characters:
Mamacita and her husband: neighbors who live across the street from Esperanza

Four Skinny Trees
Esperanza describes the four skinny trees outside her window. The trees, she says, are the only ones who understand her, and she is the only one who understands them. Like her, they have been put on Mango Street where they don’t belong. The trees are skinny but strong, with deep roots, and they talk to Esperanza while she sleeps. When she feels weak, she gains strength by looking at the trees.

No Speak English
Mamacita, the obese wife of the man across the street, finally comes from somewhere in Latin America to be with her husband. He had worked very hard...

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