The House on Mango Street Part VII: Chanclas, Hips, and The First Job

Sandra Cisneros

Part VII: Chanclas, Hips, and The First Job

New Characters:
Uncle Nacho: Esperanza’s uncle

Esperanza’s cousin by communion: a boy Esperanza knows through church

Aunt Lala: Esperanza’s aunt

Oriental man: a man who works with Esperanza at Peter Pan Photo Finishers

Esperanza’s mother comes home from buying new clothes for the family to wear to Esperanza’s cousin’s baptism party. Esperanza gets a beautiful new dress and slip, but her mother forgot to buy her new shoes. Uncle Nacho takes them to the church, where everyone seems to be having a good time except Esperanza. She feels stupid in her new dress and old shoes.

Esperanza’s cousin by communion asks her to dance, but...

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