Chapter 25 Summary

Lily soon realizes that Selden is right; her connection to Mrs. Hatch is disgraceful. Her conclusion is confirmed when she receives an offer of money if she helps achieve a marriage between Mrs. Hatch and Freddy Van Osburgh. Disgusted by the crassness of the offer, Lily flees—but not before society judges her harshly for attempting to ensnare the Van Osburgh heir in an unworthy match.

Lily goes first to Gerty Farish but does not want to stay very long. By now it is clear to Lily that she must earn a living somehow. Since she is skilled at trimming hats, Gerty gets her a job as an apprentice with a milliner. Lily would much rather have a cushy position tying little bows and working in the front of a shop, but she does...

(The entire section is 502 words.)