Topics for Further Study

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Wilson is interested in what he considers to be an American disregard for the remnants of the American past. Research the history of the American city and decide if his concerns are warranted. Are cities too quick to tear down the past and modernize with new structures? Is there too little regard for historical buildings and areas?

Prostitution is often described as a victimless crime. In areas where prostitution is legal, is the occurrance of violent crime any worse? Or does ignoring prostitution free police for more serious crimes? Does prostitution encourage organized crime? Provide statistics to support your answer.

Investigate the history of prostitution. How have communities throughout history handled prostitution? Has the profession changed throughout time?

Determine the number of Americans who get conned by radio, television, and solicitations into buying worthless land each year. What kind of people choose to buy land they have never seen? What are the current laws against this type of con?

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