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1. Are women still bartered as brides in the modern world, the way Aravis is in The Horse and His Boy? Where? What explains this custom?

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2. Draw or paint a picture of Tashbaan or a scene in Tashbaan, the great bustling capital of Calormen.

3. How complete are the depictions of Susan, Lucy, and Edmund in The Horse and His Boy? What would you still like to know?

4. What are all the different ways Aslan appears in the narrative of The Horse and His Boy? How do these different ways compare to each other?

5. Draw a map showing the location of the events in The Horse and His Boy. Show the routes taken by Aravis, Hwin, Shasta, and Bree.

6. In The Magician's Nephew, Jadis is described as terribly practical. In what ways is the Tisroc terribly practical?

7. The four travelers in The Horse and His Boy learn about each other's special qualities. What do they learn? Why is this learning important?

8. Write a story about life in Anvard after the end of The Horse and His Boy.

9. How does Aslan's having been with Shasta throughout Shasta's adventure shape Lewis's image of Aslan and of Shasta?

10. What is the value of mercy in The Horse and His Boy? Where is it to be found? How is it applied and why?

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