Horatio Jr. Alger *Principal Works - Essay

*Principal Works

(Nineteenth-Century Literary Criticism)

Bertha's Christmas Vision (short stories and poetry) 1856

Frank's Campaign; or, What Boys Can Do on the Farm for the Camp (novel) 1864

Paul Prescott's Charge (novel) 1865

Fame and Fortune; or, The Progress of Richard Hunter (novel) 1868

Ragged Dick; or, Street Life in New York with the Boot-Blacks (novel) 1868

Luck and Pluck; or, John Oakley's Inheritance (novel) 1869

Mark, the Match Boy; or, Richard Hunter's Ward (novel) 1869

Rough and Ready; or, Life among the New York Newsboys (novel) 1869

Ben, the Luggage Boy; or, Among the Wharves (novel) 1870

Rufus and Rose; or; The Fortunes of Rough and Ready (novel) 1870

Sink or Swim; or, Harry Raymond's Resolve (novel) 1870

Paul the Peddler; or, The Adventures of a Young Street Merchant (novel) 1871

Strong and Steady; or, Paddle Your Own Canoe (novel) 1871

Tattered Tom; or, The Story of a Street Arab (novel) 1871

Phil, the Fiddler; or, The Story of a Young Street Musician (novel) 1872

Slow and Sure; or, From the Street to the Shop (novel) 1872

Strive and Succeed; or, The Progress of Walter Conrad (novel) 1872...

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