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(Great Characters in Literature)


Horace (oh-RAHS), a Roman warrior. The cities of Rome and Alba are at war, with the battle to be decided by armed combat between three heroes from each side. Horace and his two brothers, the Roman combatants, are victorious over their prospective Alban brother-in-law, Curiace, and his two brothers. All for honor and country, Horace taunts his sister Camille with the glory of Rome. He kills her when she declares that his deed is not patriotism but murder. He defends this act as one of justice, but he is aware that his glory is dimmed because of it, and he wishes to die. The king decrees that Horace’s fate shall rest with the gods.


Sabine (sah-BEEN), Horace’s Alban wife and the sister of the Alban brothers killed by Horace in combat. Torn between her loyalty to the city of her birth and to the city of her husband, she pleads in vain the cause of home and family against that of honor and patriotism. In despair over her husband’s killing of her brothers and the murder of his sister, she wishes only to die.


Camille (ka-MEE-y), Horace’s sister and the prospective wife of Curiace. She is killed by Horace when she reviles Rome in her grief over the death of Curiace.


Curiace (kew-RYAHS), Sabine’s brother and the prospective husband of Camille. He is killed in combat with Horace.

Old Horace

Old Horace, Horace’s father, an ardent patriot and a former warrior.


Julie (zhew-LEE), the confidant of Sabine and Camille.


Valère (vah-LEHR), a Roman warrior.


Tulle (tewl), the ruler of Rome.