Ideas for Reports and Papers

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1. Research the statistics on abandoned or orphaned children. Prepare a report on the figures for adoptions and the number of children in orphanages and in foster care. What should or can be done to help these children?

2. Names play a powerful role in this novel. Research a culture that places high value on names, and create a report on the customs and practices involved in naming a child in that culture.

3. Research parenting skills, and prepare a list of qualities that make someone a "good" parent.

4. Discover the necessary steps a person must take to run for mayor in your town. What are the qualifications needed, and what are the duties of the job?

5. Hold a mock election in your classroom. Select two candidates and a campaign committee to work with each other on issues, strategies, and promotion. Next, hold a debate, and pair off the candidates against each other. Set up an impartial committee to evaluate the results.

6. Investigate the registration and voting procedures in your county and prepare a report suggesting improvements or changes that may be beneficial to current standards. This might include such things as residency requirements, application for registration, voting machinery, and vote-counting procedures.

7. Interview a waitress at a local restaurant. Find out the pros and cons of waiting on tables and what the job entails besides just serving food.

8. Cheese is important in Wisconsin. Research how cheese is produced in the United States and what influence this production has on the national economy.

9. Hope created the "Keep Hoping Sandwich" for a special reason. Create your own recipe for a sandwich or meal, and name it.

10. In the novel, Lou Ellen's baby Anastasia is not developing as swiftly as is normally expected, but no specific reason for this is given. Research some possible medical or psychological explanations for this. Can any of these be related to certain conditions noted in the story?

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