Why doesn't Roy have a hometown in Hoot?

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Roy was born in Detroit, Michigan, but the family had moved away from there when he was just a baby, so he couldn't remember anything about Detroit. He didn't think of it as his hometown since he knew nothing about it. Because of Roy's father's job, the family moved frequently. His father worked for the Department of Justice and kept getting promoted. With each promotion, he was assigned to a new city. Roy could remember living in ten different towns, and he had attended six different schools, including Trace Middle. Just before moving to Coconut Cove, Florida, Roy's family had lived in Bozeman, Montana. That was probably the place they had lived the longest--more than two years. And it was the place Roy liked the best and felt most at home. He loved the mountains, the rivers, and the seasons, as well as hiking, biking, fishing, and attending rodeos. So when people asked him where he was from, he said Bozeman, Montana. Of all the places he had lived, that was the one that felt like home.

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