What are important details about the middle of the novel Hoot?

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Carl Hiaasen's novel Hoot consists of twenty-one chapters and an epilogue. Therefore, the middle of the book would cover chapters eight through fourteen. Here are some important details from those chapters:

  • In chapter eight, Curly hires Kalo, a dog trainer who owns Rottweilers, to guard the construction site. There has been continued vandalism on the site, and Chuck Muckle, the vice president, has threatened to fire Curly if anything else goes wrong. 
  • Roy refuses to back down or cower in Dana Matherson's presence. He stands up to Dana's threats and is rewarded with two punches in the head. 
  • In chapter nine, Kalo takes his dogs from the site because there are snakes on the property. Kalo says, "each of dogs is vorth three thousand U.S. dollars. Zat iss twelve thousand bucks barking here in za truck. Vhat happens, dog gets bit by snake? Dog dies, yah?" The snakes are cottonmouths and have sparkly tails. 
  • Garrett warns Roy that Dana is planning to ambush him after school. Dana grabs him and puts him in a janitorial closet in order to beat him up. The chapter ends with Roy escaping the closet and starting to run. The last line is: "He almost made it, too." 
  • In chapter ten, Beatrice Leep rescues Roy from Dana by tying him to the flagpole and stripping him down to his underwear. Roy and Beatrice go to his house and tell Roy's mother they are working on a science experiment. They take medical supplies to treat Mullet Fingers, aka Napoleon Leep, who is Beatrice's stepbrother.
  • Mullet Fingers is suffering from an infected dog bite. He learns Mullet Fingers has been vandalizing the construction site in order to save the owls. 
  • In chapter eleven, Officer Delinko sees Roy waving at him for help, but then being pulled away. Mullet Fingers is getting sicker by the minute, but Beatrice disagrees with Roy's method of solving the problem. She does not want police involvement. Officer Delinko goes to the Eberhardts' home to tell them that he thinks he saw Roy. He asks for a recommendation from them for the time he took Roy home. 
  • In chapter twelve, Beatrice and Roy get Mullet Fingers to the emergency medical clinic. They lie about Mullet Fingers's name, telling Dr. Gonzalez his name is Roy. Roy calls himself "Tex." The doctor questions the truthfulness of their story, which is that Beatrice's stepbrother got attacked by dogs at soccer practice and they brought him right to the clinic. She says the bites are eighteen to twenty-four hours old. Roy's parents show up at the clinic with Officer Delinko. There is confusion because of the fake name given to the patient, and Mullet Fingers escapes the clinic, causing further confusion. 
  • In chapter thirteen, Roy's father talks to him about the owls. He tells Roy that the people in charge of construction most likely got the proper permits and the owls will find new homes. Roy divulges some of Mullet Fingers's story to his mother. The chapter ends with Roy in a dilemma about whether to follow his heart or his brain. 
  • In chapter fourteen, Roy visits Dana's house to try to reason with him. There is no reasoning with Dana, however, and he just continues to try to harm Roy. He talks with Mullet Fingers about what his dad said, that the Mother Paula's people have every right to build on the land. Mullet Fingers tells hims he has to start "thinking like an outlaw." Roy says he's not an outlaw and refuses to go along with Mullet Fingers's tactics. Mullet Fingers shows him how he got his nickname, catching a mullet fish with his bare hands.

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