What are the similarities between the movie and book versions of Hoot?

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There are many similarities between the novel Hoot by Carl Hiaasen and the movie by the same name. It is almost easier to explain what is different because the movie does follow the book very closely. But here are the top ten similarities between the movie and the book.

1) Roy Eberhardt moves from Montana to Coconut Cove, Florida, due to his father's job with the Department of Justice. 

2) Curly is the construction foreman on a site at East Oriole and Woodbury--the future home of a Mother Paula's Pancake House. He begins noticing acts of vandalism which delay construction, such as survey stakes being pulled up, alligators being placed in the portable toilets, and eventually snakes that scare away the guard dogs. 

3) Dana Matherson is a bully who harasses Roy on the bus. When Roy sees the running boy, he becomes very curious about him and backhands Dana to get away from his headlock so he can find out what the strange boy is doing. 

4) Roy is suspended from the bus and has to write a letter of apology to Dana. 

5) The running boy is Beatrice's stepbrother, also known as Mullet Fingers. He ran away from boarding school and is responsible for the vandalism at the construction site. 

6) Beatrice Leep is a soccer player who also intimidates Roy. They form an alliance to help Mullet Fingers, and his quest to save the owls. 

7) Officer Delinko gets called to the construction site to investigate the vandalism. He becomes the victim of vandals himself when his squad car windows are painted black. 

8) Mullet Fingers gets bitten by one of the guard dogs and has to go to the hospital to get help for the infection. 

9) Chuck Muckle, the restaurant regional manager,  and Curly try to hide the environmental report that proved there were owls on the property. 

10) The Mother Paula's Pancake House is not built on the corner of East Oriole and Woodbury when the public finds out the truth about the burrowing owls.

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