What does Delinko see at the end of "Hoot"?

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Officer Delinko wants to make a big impact as a detective. Unfortunately, life in Coconut Cove doesn't provide him with too many opportunities to play Sherlock Holmes. However, that all changes with the shenanigans that have been going on at the Mother Paula's Pancakes construction site. At first, it seems like just a routine case of vandalism, but as Delinko digs deeper he finds out there's a lot more than meets the eye.

When Delinko patrols the construction site, he trips over an owl burrow. He then hears a strange noise which sounds like someone laughing. Realizing that it's a baby owl, he backs away, so that the adults circling above him will feel comfortable returning to the nest. Bumping into a bulldozer, Delinko is suddenly made aware of the threat that the construction project poses to the owls' natural habitat. From now on, he'll be a useful ally to Roy and the other kids in saving the owls' home from destruction.

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