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Topics for Further Study

(Drama for Students)

Pinter believes that social violence is due to resentment. Research the break-up of the former Yugoslavia (Bosnia-Herzegovina), or other areas of late-twentieth century civil strife (such as Rwanda). Consider what part long-standing resentments played in the events. Compare them to the personal strife that occurs m Pinter's play.

Research the feminist movement of the 1960s and after. Does Ruth answer the feminist definition of a free woman'' Or is she a man's (Pinter's) idea of a free woman?

"Subtext" is usually defined as "the action beneath the words," or as "the words not spoken." In The Homecoming, compare what is being talked about, how it is being talked about, and the subtext in the first scene of Act II.

There are many instances of events that are remembered in The Homecoming, such as Ruth's memories of her past profession as a model, Lenny's memories of meeting a woman down by the docks, and Max's memories of Jessie. How accurately do you think these memories reflect the past and how are they used to affect the current situation?

Ruth in The Homecoming and Kate in Old Times both end up in control of their situations. Compare and contrast how they achieve these positions of power What part does ' 'selective memory" play in these power struggles'