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by Toni Morrison

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Chapter 8 Summary

Chapter 8, a third-person chapter, tells the story of Frank and Cee’s step-grandmother, Lenore Money. As the chapter begins, Lenore reflects on Jackie, the twelve-year-old girl she has hired to help clean her house. Jackie is a fascinating creature, half-child and half-adult. In her free time, she is always climbing trees or playing ball with the other children. In her work, she is as competent as an adult. The only thing she does poorly is mopping floors, but Lenore blames her poor-quality mop for that.

Lenore wants a new mop, but her husband, Salem, will not bother to go to town and get her one. Lenore’s first husband was a better man, willing to do as she asked and also capable of earning money. He owned his own gas station until someone shot him and left a note on his chest that said, “Get the hell out. Now.” The sheriff never bothered to investigate the murder, as far as Lenore knows. She was frightened enough to leave town, but she did at least retain a bit of money and property.

After her first husband’s murder, Lenore was scared to live alone. This was why she married Salem, who could protect her and also help her by repairing her house. The two of them could not get a marriage license because they had no birth certificates, but they did exchange vows at the local church.

Soon after Lenore married Salem, a group of his relatives showed up from Texas, desperate for help. After they moved in, Lenore no longer had any privacy or control over her household. The worst was the baby, Cee, who cried all the time and prevented Lenore from sleeping. As the child grew up, Lenore had to babysit her so the mother could get an extra job. Thankfully, the girl’s brother, Frank, did most of the childcare...

(The entire section is 479 words.)