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In "Holes", what is the most important rule at Camp Green Lake?

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The most important rule at Camp Green Lake is to not upset the Warden. Ms. Walker, the Warden, is a tyrant who rules by force and violence, punishing campers who don't meet her demands by reducing their water rations. She forces them to dig holes in dangerous conditions and only favors those who find items of value for her.

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Camp Greenlake has only one rule: Whatever you do, DO NOT UPSET THE WARDEN!!When Stanley Yelnats is first sentenced to time at Camp Green Lake, his expectations are fair. He rationalizes his sentence by saying that he "has never been to camp before."

Upon his arrival, he  receives a crash course on the rules courtesy of his fellow campers. Ms. Walker, the warden, soon proves to be the tyrant that everyone has made her out to be. She rules by force and is unopposed to violence. When the boys don't dig fast enough or find anything worth while, she slashes their water rations in half.

Ms. Walker has no regard for the lives of her campers. She makes them dig holes in the desert where deadly lizards reside. She even forces them to make finger nail polish out of the venom of snakes.

The only way to make it into Ms. Walker's good graces is by finding something that she deems of value. Stanley does this when he finds the metal tube with the initials "KB" on it. However, instead of keeping it for himself, Stanley gives it the tube to X-Ray because he has been there the longest. As a reward, X-Ray receives the day off and and the extra portion of dinner that should have belonged to Stanley.

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