Chapters 12-13 Summary

Again, Stanley is the last boy to finish digging his hole. Today he is so tired that he would not turn down a ride back to camp, but nobody offers one. When he arrives at D tent, he finds all the boys sitting in a circle with Mr. Pendanski. Stanley tells the group he finished his second hole, and he tells X-Ray that the second hole really is the hardest. X-Ray shakes his head. “The third hole’s the hardest,” he says.

Mr. Pendanski tells the boys they all need to think about what they want to do when they rejoin society. They have to have goals, he explains, or they will end up back in jail. Mr. Pendanski asks Magnet what he wants to do with his life, but Magnet does not know. Magnet likes animals, so Stanley...

(The entire section is 579 words.)